Web Space and Bandwidth Requirements

Web Space and Bandwidth Requirements

Our customers has approached us many times ask asked what is the best Web Space and Data Transfer requirements for them. We thought to help all other customers who will ask us this question. There are many factors that you need to consider before selecting the Package.

There are many Web Hosting companies offering unlimited, but let us be realistic and understand your requirements.

WebSpace Requirements

Space depends upon the number of pages on your websites. If you have a standard 20 pages website usually one page will have an average size of 2MB . If page is more than 2MB it will take long time to load and your website will not be ranked higher. So optimizing the images to load your webpage is always a good idea. This means your web page will be 2MB consider maximum and 20 pages will calculate to 40 MB.

WordPress Core installation is around 30.8 MB and theme size is anywhere from 1MB to 150 MB. Plugins for heaviest website will also go up to 150MB maximum.

If we consider maximum of all so below will be the calculation;

WordPress , Theme and Plugins = 250 MB

20 Pages standard website = 40 MB

Total standard Website Space Requirement = 290 MB

Unlimited Disk Space?

Today most of the websites size around 160 MB, our packages have spaces which are many times more than you actually need. However, the size of your website  mainly depends upon the content of your website. If you are uploading Videos, High Resolution images then of course your web site size will increase, that is why we have provided multiple options for you to chose from our various web hosting services.

Data Transfer Requirements

Bandwidth Requirement depends upon the the number of visitors visiting your website (traffic on your website) suppose you have 20 pages of 2MB each website as mentioned above and  daily page load is 100 this means 3000 page loads in a month which means 6000MB or 6GB.

You must be wondering what is the maximum size of the website. If we considering all the factors currently 99.9% of websites that are hosted worldwide do not consume more than  5GB of Bandwidth in a month.

Therefore when choosing plan with Hostpole, don’t worry about the Data Transfer, it is metered to ensure load balancing. When users visit your website and play a YouTube video that is being embedded in your website. it will not consume your bandwidth.

Yes, you got it right, Websites like YouTube will need more bandwidth. Or those website which are only image driven.

Unlimited Bandwidth?

Unlimited bandwidth offers is nothing but just a marketing tactics,  for starters it’s a myth. All Web Hosting. Our Packages are realistically made, we know web designers and developers are always concerned about minimizing the page load time and maximizing the page speed as it is one of the SEO factor.